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Solar Power Battery Storage

With our solar battery installation service, Trusted Solar can help you capture solar energy so you can use it when you need it most.

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Solar Panels Design & Build

From solar panel design and installation to repairs and maintenance, our licensed solar panel installers can handle everything.

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Solar Electrical Services

The expert electricians at Trusted Solar can install, repair and maintain residential and commercial electrical systems.

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Energy Efficiency Audit

Ever wonder how much energy your home or business uses – and how that translates into money spent? With an energy audit you’ll know exactly what your power consumption looks like

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Commercial Solar Power

Trusted Solar has worked with countless Australian organisations, helping them generate their own power to eliminate or drastically reduce energy costs from their ongoing liabilities.

Commercial Solar Power

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The expert electricians at Trusted Solar can install, repair and maintain residential and commercial electrical systems.

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The benefits of solar power.

The sun has an enormous amount of energy – something we can take advantage of. And with the latest solar systems available, harnessing solar energy is cheap. Investing in solar allows you to enjoy savings on your power bill for years to come.

On average, a 5 kW solar system in Australia will save you $2,000 on electricity costs per year. And while fossil fuels have the potential to rise over the years, you can harness consistent, free electricity from your solar panels for decades.


How Solar Power Saves You Money.

The more solar power you generate, the less electricity you have to buy from your local supplier. And if you don’t use it all and end up with a surplus, you can either store it in a solar battery or feed it into your local grid.

This earns you a handy energy credit on your account that’s equivalent to the power you exported. The payment is deducted from your electricity bill and saves you money. This often results in a zero-dollar power bill for many homes.

So speak with a solar installer in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, SydneyMelbourne or your location and find out how much you can save by going solar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Harnessing Solar Power

Although solar panels have been available for years, they remain a mystery for many. We hope we can ease your fears before you have your installation scheduled.
If you have thought of a question, chances are, so has someone else. Here are some concerns that we receive the most from homeowners:

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Everyone’s first question is, how much will their solar panels cost? Unfortunately, that isn’t always a straight answer as it ultimately depends on several factors.

Some contributing costs include how many panels are used and their efficiency. It also depends on which brand of system your contractors use.

In general, a typical 6 kW system costs about $4,399 after consumer rebates. However, each newer generation of panels offers reduced expenses, and sunlight never increases costs.

Although the upfront price may seem shocking at first, it’s comparable to other appliances. Plus, it is the most affordable way to reduce monthly expenses for years to come.

How Much Money Will I Save with Solar Power?

If homeowners aren’t asking what they will spend, they want to know what their savings might be. Again, this answer depends on the size of your home and your everyday power use.

That being said, solar panels are the most direct way of keeping your home energy efficient. Standard systems such as a 6.6kw Solar System Installed in QLD will generate on average 25kWh per day.

Producing that much energy, and at 40% self consumption, will save you a minimum $1600 per year*! Your family both uses less municipal power, and can receive energy credits.

Without the continually rising cost of fossil fuels, your expenses mostly remain the same. When you need to maximize your households’ utility savings, you need to speak with us.

*Based off standard 23c buy price and 15c feed in tariff

Does My Solar System Require a Battery?

When you have a solar storage battery installed, it will increase your costs. However, it isn’t something that needs to be completed right away.

We do believe that any solar system worth its weight needs to use a storage battery. Otherwise, you allow your panels to waste power you can’t use.

Commercial buildings, especially, need to have storage batteries to prevent power outages. However, if it is a deal-breaker for you, they can be installed later.

You may find that what seems expensive now will come down in costs over time. Have your panels installed today and bring us back out for a battery later.

How Clean is Solar Power?

Some people seem skeptical about how much power they can use guilt-free. That is especially true when fossil fuels are involved in the process.

Solar power is 100% environmentally friendly. The process of generating electricity from solar energy doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases and won’t cause pollution.

One of the best reasons to change to solar is it’s easy to do small-scale. There are no additional setup costs needed other than labor and the system itself.

Collecting sunlight does not create greenhouse gases and reduces your production of them. Your glass panels absorb sunlight, which then is converted into standard power wattages.

Every household that installs solar panels is another one that doesn’t require grid access. The more people who choose green energy, the fewer pollution buildings will produce.

Are Trusted Solar Partners Accredited Solar Installers?

One reason why homeowners have a bad experience with solar is because of non-accredited installers. That is not a problem you will experience when you hire a Trusted Solar aproved installer.

All of our solar panel installers are CEC Accredited Installers. These requirements include best practices and responsibilities when offering our services.

When the contractors you hire don’t make the cut, they aren’t safe. You wouldn’t trust someone without a driver’s license to drive you around town, so why trust a non-accredited installer?

When you deserve the best installers in Australia, you need a Trusted Solar installer.

If we missed your question, feel free to contact us