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How Solar Power Saves You Money.

The more solar power you generate, the less electricity you have to buy from your local supplier. And if you don’t use it all and end up with a surplus, you can either store it in a solar battery or feed it into your local grid.

This earns you a handy energy credit on your account that’s equivalent to the power you exported. The payment is deducted from your electricity bill and saves you money. This often results in a zero-dollar power bill for many homes.

So complete the solar savings survey and find out how much you can save by going solar.

Almost every home will save a lot of money with solar (some immediately upon installation). This is how many Aussie homes have now made the switch to solar:

2.7 Million

The number of homes now with solar power in Australia


Rooftop solar installations in 2020 alone


Of Homes in Australia Now Have Solar Installed

$7.4 Billion

Estimated total power bill savings from 2020 installations

The savings plan and rebate information above are estimates only. To provide accurate figures, a solar analyst will need to review your responses and inspect your address.


The benefits of solar power.

The sun has an enormous amount of energy – something we can take advantage of. And with the latest solar systems available, harnessing solar energy is cheap. Investing in solar allows you to enjoy savings on your power bill for years to come.

On average, a 5 kW solar system in Australia will save you $2,000 on electricity costs per year. And while fossil fuels have the potential to rise over the years, you can harness consistent, free electricity from your solar panels for decades.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Harnessing Solar Power

Although solar panels have been available for years, they remain a mystery for many. We hope we can ease your fears before you have your installation scheduled.
If you have thought of a question, chances are, so has someone else. Here are some concerns that we receive the most from Brisbane homeowners:

How Much Do Brisbane Solar Panels Cost?

Everyone’s first question is, how much will their solar panels cost? Unfortunately, that isn’t always a straight answer as it ultimately depends on several factors.

Some contributing costs include how many panels are used and their efficiency. It also depends on which brand of system your contractors use.

In general, a typical 6 kW system costs about $4,399 after consumer rebates. However, each newer generation of panels offers reduced expenses, and sunlight never increases costs.

Although the upfront price may seem shocking at first, it’s comparable to other appliances. Plus, it is the most affordable way to reduce monthly expenses for years to come.

How Much Money Will I Save with Solar Power?

If homeowners aren’t asking what they will spend, they want to know what their savings might be. Again, this answer depends on the size of your home and your everyday power use.

That being said, solar panels are the most direct way of keeping your home energy efficient. Standard systems such as a 6.6kw Solar System Installed in QLD will generate on average 25kWh per day.

Producing that much energy, and at 40% self consumption, will save you a minimum $1600 per year*! Your family both uses less municipal power, and can receive energy credits.

Without the continually rising cost of fossil fuels, your expenses mostly remain the same. When you need to maximize your households’ utility savings, you need to speak with us.

*Based off standard 23c buy price and 15c feed in tariff

Does My Solar System Require a Battery?

When you have a solar storage battery installed, it will increase your costs. However, it isn’t something that needs to be completed right away.

We do believe that any solar system worth its weight needs to use a storage battery. Otherwise, you allow your panels to waste power you can’t use.

Commercial buildings, especially, need to have storage batteries to prevent power outages. However, if it is a deal-breaker for you, they can be installed later.

You may find that what seems expensive now will come down in costs over time. Have your panels installed today and bring us back out for a battery later.

How Clean is Solar Power?

Some people seem skeptical about how much power they can use guilt-free. That is especially true when fossil fuels are involved in the process.

Solar power is 100% environmentally friendly. The process of generating electricity from solar energy doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases and won’t cause pollution.

One of the best reasons to change to solar is it’s easy to do small-scale. There are no additional setup costs needed other than labor and the system itself.

Collecting sunlight does not create greenhouse gases and reduces your production of them. Your glass panels absorb sunlight, which then is converted into standard power wattages.

Every household that installs solar panels is another one that doesn’t require grid access. The more people who choose green energy, the fewer pollution buildings will produce.

Is Trusted Solar an Accredited Solar Installer?

One reason why homeowners have a bad experience with solar is because of non-accredited installers. That is not a problem you will experience when you hire us at Trusted Solar.

All of our solar panel installers are CEC Accredited Installers. These requirements include best practices and responsibilities when offering our services.

When the contractors you hire don’t make the cut, they aren’t safe. You wouldn’t trust someone without a driver’s license to drive you around town, so why trust a non-accredited installer?

We adhere to all requirements of both the CEC and Australia. When you deserve the best installers in Brisbane, you need us.

Queensland’s Leading Solar Company

Trusted Solar is your local source for Brisbane solar power services. We keep your installation costs low with experienced installers and affordable maintenance options.

We offer solutions for both residential homes and commercial establishments. From retail centers and office buildings to your home, we can capture sunlight anywhere.

Our company has over 40 years of experience in installations, repairs, and personalized solutions. We guarantee no one in Queensland knows solar better than us.

Brisbane Solar Power Experts

Hire us to Install, Repair or Replace Solar Panels

In the right hands, a solar panel setup can last a lifetime. However, nothing will sideline your system sooner than a poor installation.

Solar panels are made with glass and delicate electronics, making them easily damaged. Luckily, when you hire us, it means hassle-free solutions for every job.

Whether you need to upgrade your home or your commercial buildings, choose our specialists. We offer services for every stage in your solar system’s life, such as:

  • Battery Installation
  • Solar System Designs
  • Solar Panel Installation
  • System Repairs
  • Energy Audits
  • Residential Services
  • Commercial Solar Systems

Contact us to schedule a free service quote or to enjoy energy independence. You can count on our team for any solar power solutions.

Solar Power Storage Installation

You never need to fear your excess solar power going to waste. Instead, you can store additional electricity with a convenient backup battery.

Even in the early morning hours, you can enjoy energy whenever you need it most. Don’t let blackouts and power outages keep you in the dark.

Brisbane Solar System Designs and Building

The first step to enjoying clean energy is a professional design and building services. Those who set up their panels at random don’t capture nearly enough power.

Instead, we maximize how much usable sunlight you receive with expert installations. Keep the stress out of switching to solar and contact us today.

Solar Panel Brisbane Installers

Installing solar panels is trickier than it may seem, especially without proper training. Too often, DIY installations lead to broken components and roof damage.

Our solar specialists have always installed the latest panels since 1980. When you need your system to last as long as possible, choose our technicians.

Solar Power System Repairs

Eventually, your solar panels will see hail and thunderstorms, as well as severe wind. Although today’s systems remain sturdy, the weather can still damage them.

We offer more than installations, so we can do repairs and maintenance as well. Get the most use possible from your solar panels and choose us for upkeep.

Energy Efficiency Audits

How can you reduce your utility costs if you aren’t sure what they are? We review your solar system for areas of improvement, as well as building energy losses.

These often include worn-out weather stripping and gaps around doors. Wherever you lose heated or cooled air, we know how to stop leaks.

Brisbane Residential Solar Services

Homeowners throughout Queensland continue to adopt solar system upgrades for their homes. Doing so not only improves their panels’ performance but enhances their properties.

You might find solar panels will add resale value should you decide to move. In the end, it’s a practical and cost-effective upgrade.

Commercial Solar Systems Brisbane

Trusted Solar also doubles as your commercial solar experts. Some companies, especially those with flat roofs, usually are best for collecting sunlight.

When you need efficient ways of reducing your operating costs, hire our installers. We have assisted countless organizations over the years in becoming greener.

View All Our Solar Services

When it comes to solar systems, there’s nothing that we can’t do. Contact us to install, repair, or maintain your panels for any home or commercial spaces.

The Benefits of Brisbane Solar Panels

Harness Clean, Renewable Energy

Every year, consumers are reminded of how harmful and finite fossil fuels are. However, what other choices would you have for your household?

Among the top reasons to make the change is that the sun never runs out. Scientists say we have a few billion years left, all without drilling.

Modern systems offer cheap installations, providing lower costs than ever before. Luckily, solar power will only continue to become even more affordable as the technology evolves.

On average, your 5-kilowatt solar system will save you around $2,000 per year. Lock in your utility savings now with our affordable service team.

How Our Brisbane Solar Installers Save You Money

Cut Utility Costs with Affordable Services

Many people find themselves feeling trapped with pricey utility companies. No matter how much you scale back, you can’t seem to avoid spending a lot every month.

With solar panel installation, your building has less reliance on the power grid. Any excess energy can either feed your neighbours’ homes or is stored for future use.

You may also qualify for energy credits, which lowers your payments even further. Many households report zero-dollar power bills after upgrading to solar systems.

When traditional utility services cost too much, we offer a better solution. Reduce your monthly expenses with affordable solar panels and maintenance services.

Why Hire Trusted Solar for Your Home or Office?

When you need affordable services, you need technicians with years of experience. Otherwise, your job takes longer and only costs more to complete.

It also doesn’t help when sloppy installations lead to premature problems. Hiring our specialists means lower service costs at every stage of ownership.

Whether you need replacement parts and panels, repairs, or new systems, we manage them all. We help you maximize your energy savings before, during, and after your installation.

Get the most from your solar hookups by hiring our technicians for your job. Over 40 years of experience means we are your local experts.

Will My Solar System Bother My Neighbours?

How Noisy are Solar Panels?

Another reason people change to solar power is because it’s virtually silent. Your panels make about as much noise as sunlight does, making it an attractive upgrade.

Unlike backup generators, your solar system doesn’t require diesel or petrol fuels. These motors are also incredibly noisy, smelly, and bad for others nearby.

Most of the process is electrical, so it doesn’t make a lot of sound. Even switching to a backup battery won’t make a peep as it happens automatically.

Many of our clients forget that they even have the system on their roof. When you need a worry-free home upgrade, you can’t beat our solar services.

The Best Solar Panels Brisbane, QLD and Beyond

Convenient Solar Panel Contractors

When you need convenient local solar services, we provide them daily. In addition to our Brisbane location, you can find us in other communities as well.

As your trusted name for Queensland solar services, we ensure everyone receives reliable contractors. Whether you need us for installations, maintenance, or solar system repairs, we can manage it all.

Every technician receives full training on how to complete any request. With over four decades of service experience, we are your number one choice.

A solar system designed, built, and installed by one company always outperforms others. See why we are the trusted name for complete solar solutions.

What Is Involved in My Solar System?

Solar Power System Components

What makes solar so fascinating is the many parts that work together. In addition to the process of collecting sunlight, it needs to be converted as well.

Unfortunately, you can’t drop solar energy directly into your standard 3112 connection. Instead, it enters as raw energy, changing with the included converters.

From there, the power enters into your home as it would from the city. Since it is in usable amps and wattages, it can also feed the grid.

Each part is highly delicate and they require an experienced installer to avoid major mishaps. Make sure you call the best team for your job and hire us now.

The Best Brisbane Solar Power Company Near Me

Brisbane receives nearly 300 sunny days every year that could generate your power independently. Even on those rare gloomy days, your backup battery has you covered.

Best of all, your property stays connected to the power grid for worry-free use. Even if something should cause your panels to fail, you aren’t out of energy entirely.

It’s no wonder why so many households and business owners continue to make the switch. Choose us at Trusted Solar for affordable repairs, maintenance, and new installations.