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We’re a team of experienced Brisbane solar power specialists. So when it comes to finding the right solar solution, we can help. Trusted Solar provides homeowners, businesses and commercial establishments with energy-saving systems.

What if you never had to pay another expensive electricity bill?

Most Brisbane homeowners save 65% – 85%. You’re 30 seconds away from calculating your personalised results.

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Complete the survey above so we can assess your home’s qualification for Government rebates and calculate your savings with solar.

Step 2 - Review Results

Instantly access your results upon completion of the survey to see exactly how much you’ll be saving.

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How Solar Power Saves You Money.

The more solar power you generate, the less electricity you have to buy from your local supplier. And if you don’t use it all and end up with a surplus, you can either store it in a solar battery or feed it into your local grid.

This earns you a handy energy credit on your account that’s equivalent to the power you exported. The payment is deducted from your electricity bill and saves you money. This often results in a zero-dollar power bill for many homes.

So complete the solar savings survey and find out how much you can save by going solar.

Almost every home in Australia will save a lot of money with solar (some immediately upon installation). This is how many Aussie homes have now made the switch to solar:

2.7 Million

The number of homes now with solar power in Australia


Rooftop solar installations in 2020 alone


Of Homes in Australia Now Have Solar Installed

$7.4 Billion

Estimated total power bill savings from 2020 installations

The savings plan and rebate information above are estimates only. To provide accurate figures, a solar analyst will need to review your responses and inspect your address.


The benefits of solar power.

The sun has an enormous amount of energy – something we can take advantage of. And with the latest solar systems available, harnessing solar energy is cheap. Investing in solar allows you to enjoy savings on your power bill for years to come.

On average, a 5 kW solar system in Australia will save you $2,000 on electricity costs per year. And while fossil fuels have the potential to rise over the years, you can harness consistent, free electricity from your solar panels in Brisbane for decades.