Solar Panel Design and Build

Considering solar panels for your property? Trusted Solar can help. We have decades of experience in providing personalised solar panel services across Brisbane and surrounding areas. So you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best solar solution available.
Whether it’s for your home or business, we take care of the initial solar panel installation and provide reliable repairs and maintenance in the future. You can trust our licensed team of professionals to handle all the electrical systems around your property.


Solar Solutions Designed for Your Unique Property

We’re proud to provide high-quality services to help Australians make the most of the benefits of solar. Whether you live in a house, apartment or another type of property, we can design and install a solar system to suit almost every roof.

Providing end-to-end project management, our team takes care of every step involved in the process, so your system is built to the highest possible standard. The solar panel installation process involves four key steps. These are listed below –

1. Roof Inspection

Our solar panel design service starts by inspecting your property’s roof. We determine the roof’s size, tilt and its materials in order to thoroughly assess its condition. This allows us to determine your property’s suitability for solar panels and design an effective solar array.

2. Electrical Demand Analysis

To ensure we design an appropriate solar power Brisbane system that suits your electrical demand, our team investigates your energy usage trends. This gives us a clear idea on your power needs and helps us find out whether your solar panels will generate sufficient power.

3. Solar Panel Design

Once we have a clear understanding of your property and electrical needs, we’ll design a solar energy system to suit them. Our design will ensure your solar system is efficient and maximises your savings. We’ll also provide a quote, so you know the exact costs involved.

4. Solar Panel Installation

Once the design is finalised, our expert electricians can begin installing your new solar system. From the frame and solar panels to the inverter and solar batteries, Trusted Solar expertly installs your system and integrates it with your home’s electricity network.


Solar Panel Repairs and Maintenance

After we install your solar panels, our service doesn’t end there. We’re dedicated to the smooth and effective running of your solar system, so we offer a range of solar panel repair services. From damage repairs to scheduled maintenance, our friendly team is available to help.

Regular maintenance is essential to solar power efficiency, as dirt and grime can limit power generation.


Saving on Solar Panels at Home

The sooner you can install solar at your property, the more you can save. With high-quality solar systems on the market and several government rebates and incentives, now is the perfect time to invest in renewable energy. On average, a 5 kW solar array can save your family over $2,000 a year on energy bills – and that’s just the start. Then by taking advantage of your state’s financial incentives, you can also save thousands on your installation.


What to Consider When Choosing Solar Panels for Your Home

When it comes to solar, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all system. Every household has unique energy requirements, so you’ll need a solar system that suits your individual home. That means you’ll have to consider factors that can impact your solar system’s performance.
These include:
1. Why should I consider getting a solar panel quote sooner rather than later?
Solar panels can help you save thousands on your power bills. So the sooner you install a solar system, the more you’ll save. Some solar incentives are also being reduced, which is why it’s important to act quickly. And our quotes are obligation free, so you’re not locked into anything.
2. Solar Panel Quality and Warranty
Unless you’re an expert on solar energy, identifying quality solar panels can be difficult. But we can help. We know everything there is about current solar panels. And once we know your energy requirements and budget, we can find you the highest-quality solar panels to suit.Trusted Solar also guarantees the quality of the solar panels. You can rest easy and rely on our 10 year Solar Installation Warranty on all solar systems installed by our in-house CEC accredited team – so you know you’re investing in a superior solar solution.
3. Manufacturing – Country of Origin
Solar panel brands in different countries have their own way of engineering products. This can seriously impact the quality of the make and affect its suitability for your home. Trusted Solar can explain everything you need to know about solar panels, including the country of origin.

Trusted Solar Brings You the Best Solar Panel Repair and Maintenance Solutions

Are you looking for quality solar panel repair and maintenance services? Your search comes to an end with Trusted Solar. We provide you with the best solar repair services that keep your solar power system working in an optimal conditional all-round the year.

Our team of certified, experienced, and expert electricians provide you with high-end solar panel maintenance services. Regular maintenance of these panels ensures its flawless and efficient working. This way, you can enjoy reduced utility bills and enhanced energy efficiency.

At Trusted Solar, you can enjoy complete solar panel repair service for every part and component of your power system. It also covers the repair and maintenance of isolators, inverters, testing voltages,checking the effectiveness and functionality of solar panels, and more.

We not only provide you with high-end solar panel repair services but also render professional advice and recommendations. This shall help you maintain the utmost quality and operational efficiency of your solar systems. Seek our expert help and assistance whenever you face any issue with our solar systems. We shall be happy to help you with our experienced help andrepair services. Our services cover different types of solar systems across diverse brands.

You can enjoy our high-end services at a very affordable pricing structure. It includes call-out fees and initial diagnostic costs. Our expert scan quickly identify the snag and suggest repair options that render your solar system up and running in no time.

Reach out to us if you notice fault or error code like-

  • Relay error
  • Grid not present
  • A blank solar inverter
  • Decreased daily energy output
  • The system hit due to recent storm
  • No Solar Output shown in your electricity bills

All these errors or faults indicate decreased efficiency of the system.If you notice any of these signs, you must immediately get in touch with us. Weshall provide you with a quick solar repair assessment and get the system upand running to its optimal efficiency.

You can ensure the efficiency of your solar panel system by following aperiodic maintenance checklist. This will warn you if there is an issue in thesystem before it completely breaks down.

Besides providing high-end solar panel system repair and maintenance services, we also provide you with excellent solar panel installation solutions. It is important to hire the services of a certified and experienced electrician for this job.

As part of our solar panel installation services, we provide you-

  • High-quality inverters and panels
  • Licensed and experienced solar power panel electricians
  • No-Obligation quotes
  • High-end customer service
  • Value-priced system
  • Easy to Pay Payment Plans

Visit us today for your solar panel installation, repair, or maintenance issues. Let our qualified electricians help you make the most of your solar power system.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider getting a solar panel quote sooner rather than later?

Solar panels can help you save thousands on your power bills. So the sooner you install a solar system, the more you’ll save. Some solar incentives are also being reduced, which is why it’s important to act quickly. And our quotes are obligation free, so you’re not locked into anything.

Am I eligible for the solar panel rebate?

Your eligibility for solar panel rebates depends on your location and the type of solar system to be installed. Some incentives have strict criteria and require specific documentation to verify eligibility. Our expert team can help you determine whether you qualify for any solar rebates.

How much do solar panels cost?

The cost of solar panels can vary depending on the system’s size and purpose. A small solar system built to power household appliances will cost much less than a large commercial-grade system. There are also many brands of solar panels available, which can impact costs.

On average, a 6kW system is usually priced around $4,000.

Why choose Trusted Solar?

We have decades of experience delivering solar energy solutions to Brisbane and surrounding areas. And we’re also constantly evolving our services by staying up to date with the latest advancements, strategies and technologies in the solar power industry.

If we missed your question, feel free to contact us