Solar Panel and Solar Inverter Repairs

The services Trusted Solar offers go beyond the initial design and installation. We’re there for you for all future checkups and potential repairs. So if you’re in need of solar panel or solar inverter repairs, our friendly team can help.

Signs Your Solar Inverter Needs Repair

If you’re considering a business energy audit, there are three easy energy ‘wins’ you can implement straight away.

Red Light Displays

Solar power inverters usually display a green light during the day to indicate they’re working optimally. The light then switches to red when it enters ‘sleep mode’ at night. But if your solar inverter’s light goes red during the day, it’s likely experiencing a fault.If there’s no light display at all, then that’s a surefire sign that something’s wrong. In this situation, the device requires immediate attention from an experienced solar electrician.

Error Codes

When your displays an error code, you’ll need to call a specialist. This goes for many more situations when a solar inverter diagnosis isn’t straightforward and a trained electrician is essential in discerning the problem.

Benefits of Hiring Solar Panel and Inverter Repair Specialists

If your solar system ever goes dark, it pays to have an expert. Solar specialists from Trusted Solar can diagnose faulty solar panels and inverter performance issues – so you can get it running at maximum efficiency quickly.

Fixing Failing Solar Panels

Whether you’ve noticed a lower solar output or seen your electricity bills rise, your solar system might be having troubles. But we can help. Our specialist team will review your entire solar system – from the panels to the inverter – repairing any electrical faults.

Your inverter may have failed to restart after a grid fault. Or you might have an MPPT module problem or an isolation fault. Whatever the situation, we’ve got you covered.

Repairing Damaged Solar Panels

If your solar panels have dropped, moved or cracked, a specialist will need to inspect the panels and wiring. They’ll assess the damage to the individual cells and advise whether the entire panel needs replacement or just the damaged cells.

Poorly installed panels or non-functioning solar panels can also be a problem. While they might not be damaged, they can still cause energy drains and pose a safety hazard. Our specialists can rectify these issues and get your system powering properly.


Why choose us for solar inverter repairs?

Trusted Solar offers premium solar services to satisfy our customers. For over 40 years, our network of installers have provided solar panel and inverter repairs on various models. So we have the expertise to fix just about every solar panel and inverter problem we come across.

We’re proud of our 5-star rating. It’s a testament to our high-quality products and the friendly customer service we provide to our supplied Brisbane solar installers, East Brisbane, North Brisbane, South Brisbane, Bowen Hills, Fortitude Valley residents.

Enjoy the Best Solar Inverter RepairServices at Trusted Solar

Trusted Solar brings you the best-integrated equipment and solar inverter repair services besides providing a solar system and panel installation. We work with some of the most qualified, trained, and experienced team of professionals who have deep inverted expertise. They have the necessary technical acumen that helps them identifying issues and resolving them with quick service restoring the system to its original operations. We deliver on-site and remote diagnostics and resolution of the problem helping asset owners to keep their solar system running with optimal efficiency. Use our high-end solar inverter repair services and ensure the high efficiency of your solar plant.

At Trusted Solar, we aim at maximizing the uptime and performance of solar systems for our customers. This ultimately helps in boosting revenue and asset production. Our experts not only fixe solar panel or inverter issues but are equipment reliability experts also. They make optimal use of every opportunity to share knowledge with on-site personnel to ensure future success.

We specialise in solar inverter repair and are always there to help and guide you to get your system back on the grid. Reach out to our Customer Service Team, share your concerns and we will ensure getting back to you with remote or in-site solar inverter repair services. Our technicians might visit your premises, check the inverter and carry out repair work safely and quickly.

We provide our high-end services for major brands and this has helped earn us a reputation of being one of the credited solar inverter repairs providing solutions company. Our services are unmatched by other players in the niche.

Our team of technicians and repair professionals is licensed and qualified to provide their services. Reach out to us when you need our high-end solar inverter repair services and we shall take you through simple and easy to understand steps that can help you reach the best solution. Contact Trusted Solar today for the best repair services and continue enjoying immense benefits of solar power.