About TrustedSolar.com.au

TrustedSolar.com.au is the place for you to learn insider tips and tricks when it comes to buying high quality solar panels and batteries without getting scammed or wasting your money.

What TrustedSolar.com.au Is All About

If you’ve ever tried to buy solar panels or batteries and found yourself wondering what features were actually worth paying for and which features were a waste of money, you’re not alone.

TrustedSolar.com.au is all about helping you cut to the chase and reveal what really matters when it comes to buying solar panels and batteries.

Meet Your Solar Experts

Carl Creasey
Founder of Trusted Solar

Carl started his solar journey trying to install a suitable system for his new home.

Each conversation Carl had felt like he was just being sold the highest priced product with features he didn’t really need.

Carl took it upon himself to learn what REALLY matters when it comes to solar.

Through his frustration, he started TrustedSolar.com.au to share what he learned and help other people save time and money on their own solar journey.

How TrustedSolar.com.au Can Help You

The solar industry is rife with fast talking high commissioned sales people just looking to make a quick buck.

What REALLY matters when it comes to solar panels and batteries?

What features are worth paying for and exactly how much capacity do you need based on how you use power in your situation?

You’ll never get an unbiased answer from a solar installer because they are all commissioned and will push you to buy features you don’t need.

That’s where TrustedSolar.com.au comes in.

This blog is where you can get insider secrets from industry veterans and certified solar geeks.

No fluff or “high-level” advice. Just insanely actionable advice that will save you money when buying solar panels and batteries.