Commercial Solar Power


Over 5 MW of Generation Installed

Across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba and the Northern Rivers region in NSW, we’re saving business owners thousands of dollars each year. We facilitate the process from design to commissioning.

Our commercial services also include our robust data monitoring systems, which provide live data feeds for energy production and usage 24/7.

Installing a commercial solar system for your business is an immediate cash flow positive investment. This is thanks to our finance partners who offer extremely viable terms for asset finance. Whether the project is partly financed or paid in full, the return on investment ranges from 25-40% per annum, depending on your organisation’s power use.

What do businesses gain from installing solar panels?

For many Australian businesses, their hours of operation coincide with prime daylight hours. This means their energy consumption is highest when solar electricity generation is at its peak.

Trusted Solar has worked with countless Australian organisations, helping them generate their own power to eliminate or drastically reduce energy costs from their ongoing liabilities.

01A Great Asset

The capacity for local power generation is a valuable asset. It immediately reduces the ongoing liabilities of your business and has the added effect of increasing the property’s value.

02Greater Control

When you purchase electricity from energy retailers, your bills and rates will fluctuate with the market, leaving business owners with limited recourse to rate increases. With a commercial solar system, a significant percentage of power is generated onsite. This gives you and your business much more control.

03Green Energy

As businesses become more environmentally engaged, making the switch to commercial solar isn’t just enriching for your bank account – it can also help reduce your carbon footprint. A greater number of people are doing their part, and you can too by installing a commercial solar system.

04Affordable Bills

Installing a commercial solar system on your property’s rooftop will slash the cost of your energy bills. We regularly observe power bill savings of up to 80% with our customers after a completed project.


Why choose Trusted Solar for your Commercial Solar?

Trusted Solar has a significant trading history and presence in the energy space – dating back to 1978. And we’re here to stay. When thinking about long-term asset acquisitions for your business, having an energy partner who will always be there to service your system is critical.

Trusted Solar has stood the test of time, just like the solar systems we install. If you’d like to find out more about how we can assist your business with significant energy savings, contact us today to organise an onsite inspection and needs analysis.

Trusted Solar Meet Your Energy Needs With High-EndCommercial Solar Power Solutions

With growing energy prices and commercial establishments facing the challenge of paying whopping energy bills, choosing solar power seems to be the best way going forward. It will have an amazing impact on the business establishment’s bottom line. At Trusted Solar, we bring high-end commercial solar power solutions. Using these services, businesses can enjoy dual benefits.

Firstly, businesses can generate their electricity so that dependence on the grid reduces. Secondly, they can use excess electricity generated by their solar panels and enjoy rebates for the surplus electricity.

Trusted Solar assist businesses by powering into the future. We have a team of solar power specialists who can help you in several ways.

  1. They shall help businesses in choosing a system that will be geared to increase profits and save money.
  2. They shall guide our customers helping them bring a marked improvement in their long-term valuations.
  3. Installing commercial solar power solutions will help in reducing carbon emissions so that the business can do its bit for a cleaner and greener Australia.

Our team of solar power system installers inspect your property and install the system at the roof of your factory,commercial establishment, office, or factory. The system gets recharged with solar energy. With a very low carbon footprint and reduced carbon emissions,businesses can make the best use of solar power and enjoy this renewable energy source to power their establishment.

Why Choose Us?

You must choose Trusted Solar for commercial solar power solutions as it shall help you-

  • Access to high-end energy management expertise
  • Receive high-quality solar power solutions
  • Get reliable installation services and seasoned advice from a trusted and reliable company through our team of solar power experts.

We truly understand your evolving energy needs and accordingly design a unique solar panel configuration to be installed on your roof. This way, you can enjoy the best return on investment. Our expert team of engineers will help you right from planning, designing, and installation of your solar power panel system. Our experts are licensed and highly professional electricians.

We take pride in providing you with exclusive customer care services.Get in touch with your queries and we shall be happy to answer them.