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3 Tips to Make Solar Panels Last Longer

When properly cared for, solar panels can serve you for as long as 60 years. Installing solar panels is indeed a large investment. However, conducting regular maintenance and cleaning is required to make them last until the end of their intended lifespan.

You may be overlooking some things, which can harm your solar panels even if you don’t intend to. Here are some helpful tips to make your Deagon solar panels last longer.

Tip #1: Look Out for Leakages

The mount and racking are the two main components responsible for keeping your solar panels attached to your roof. Although these panels underwent thorough testing to ensure durability, leakages can still happen in rare instances. Trying to attend to leaks yourself is not recommended. The best thing you can do in this situation is to reach out to us so our team of experts can help you out regarding this matter.

Tip #2: Don’t Let Dirt and Debris Accumulate

If it rains repeatedly in your area, you may be required to clean your solar panels less frequently. Still, checking your solar power system once every few months will assure you that no dirt or debris buildup is present. When you let either of these two accumulate, your solar panels may not perform as optimally. A light rinsing using a hose is usually enough to solve this problem.

Tip #3: Conduct Inspections After Extreme Weather Events

Extreme weather events such as tornadoes, storms, and hurricanes can damage or break solar panels. Neglecting damaged solar panel components will only worsen the problems you are facing, causing you more expensive repair costs in the long run. To ensure that you are not overlooking some issues, opting for a professional inspection would be ideal.

Solar Power System Installation

As you can see, maintaining solar panels is generally not that difficult. You are only required to conduct regular cleaning and maintenance to enjoy long-term benefits. For homeowners that still don’t have solar panels installed, our Deagon and Brisbane solar panel installers guarantee you a smooth and quick installation. On top of that, you rely on them when you experience problems in the future as well. Please feel free to contact us today.