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There’s no better spot for solar power than Gordon Park. If you want to turn those sunny days into electricity for your home, Trusted Solar can help.


Gordon Park Solar Power Benefits

  • Reduced Power Bills
  • Solar is Eco-Friendly
  • Easy Energy

$0 down finance loans & battery incentives available.

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Why Go Solar Today?

There are various benefits of having solar panels installed on an average household in Australia. As of today, the basic solar system for residential property is cheaper than ever.

The cost of solar modules has greatly dropped over the last five years and this doubled the power that the solar system can provide. With these, it will have a bigger impact on the property’s electricity bill hence benefits your savings and budget.

Aside from the money-saving advantage and the current low-cost of solar panels, its maintenance is also minimal. Providers and manufacturers will inform you of the low level of upkeep that is required for your solar panels.

Moreover, as the green climate increase in Australia, you can increase the value of your property or home by having solar panels installed on your roof. This is a big asset and investment if you are planning on upgrading your property. The solar power system can also help you in selling your home on the market as more buyers favor those with solar panels installed on the property.

Not only you are helping save the environment but also save your money at the same time as this greatly helps you cut down on your monthly utility expenses. Australian businesses and properties are getting more sustainable through the use of solar panels. The number of people that are adopting solar technology is rapidly increasing across the country.

Our company offers transparent and fair plans for our customers. Our expert Gordon Park and Brisbane solar installers will aid you in understanding the basic, benefits, and maximum usage of your solar power system.

We are dedicated to providing you with simple and more sustainable options that perfectly fits your needs, requirements, and budget. With our Gordon Park solar power providers, we will help you be ready for your sustainable future.