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There’s no better spot for solar power than Hamilton. If you want to turn those sunny days into electricity for your home, Trusted Solar can help.


Hamilton Solar Power Benefits

  • Reduced Power Bills
  • Solar is Eco-Friendly
  • Easy Energy

$0 down finance loans & battery incentives available.

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Why do you need to install solar panels?

1) Free Energy

Sun is a perpetually free source of energy. It will never ask you to pay bills. Sun is a generous and natural source of energy. So, it’s free and it will always be a free source of energy.

2) Green Energy

Solar power emits almost no carbon. So, if you use solar panels, then you won’t harm the environment. This means using solar energy can make you ‘the saver of the Earth’.

3) Saves Money

Hamilton solar power is only a one-time investment. After that, you can save on your energy bills.

4) Makes You Independent

Usually, people in the Queensland area depend on the power grids. But, the power grids can fail. In that case, you can get consistent power from the solar panels. Moreover, some places in Queensland may not have a standard power connection. So, if you install solar panels, you can get power independently.

So, how to install solar panels?

Solar panel installation may not be an easy task. Without proper experience, it might take days (for you) to install the solar panels. So, to save time and effort, call Hamilton solar panel installers.

But, before installing the solar panels, you should know a few things

1) Your Home’s Power UsageDifferent types of solar systems are available (6 KW to 20 KW). So, you must know- how much power your home needs.

2) Experience and LicenseA solar panel company must have an experienced and trained team. The company should also have a license. Otherwise, they may install inferior quality solar panels.

3) Service and WarrantySome companies provide long term warranty on their solar panels. You should choose these companies. Moreover, a solar panel installer should also be ready for 24-hour services.

Our company installs solar panels in the Queensland area. Our team is experienced and we supply high-quality solar panels in the Hamilton area.

We are seriously dedicated to our services and our solar panels last for many years. You can rely on us.