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Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels have been gaining popularity since they provide an easy and more affordable way to generate energy. Many property owners are switching to solar power systems as well, which is not surprising due to the numerous benefits they provide.

This article will let you know what to expect if you are considering to have Herston solar panels installed.

The Solar Panel Installation Process

Most of the time, solar panels are installed on roof surfaces. This allows the panels to get the highest amount of sunlight possible. However, if this is not possible, a solar panel may also be installed somewhere else as long as it gets exposed to the sun.

Here are the steps involved in the installation process:

Setting up the scaffolding – before the installation process begins, the scaffolding is first erected to ensure safety throughout the activity.

Mount installation – the solar panel mount will then follow, tilted at the most ideal angle to maximize sun exposure.

Solar panel installation – after setting up the mount, the solar panel itself will then follow.

Wiring installation – the installation of wiring follows briefly after the solar panel. You may be required to turn off your home’s electricity supply until this process is done.

Connecting the solar inverter – a solar inverter should then be connected to the system, typically near the main panel.

Solar battery integration – the inverter would be connected to the solar battery, which stores energy even for the cloudy days.

Consumer unit connection – after successfully connecting the battery, the inverter needs to be connected to the consumer unit as well.

Testing your solar power system – the final testing procedures will commence, ensuring that your system is working as intended.

Herston Solar Power System Installation

Although there are other solar panel installers out there, you can rely on us instead to ensure a proper and efficient installation. Our Herston solar power installers have the required skillset which guarantees a smooth installation process. We would gladly help you find the best solution possible. Contact us today to get started.