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Helpful Tips for a Thorough Solar Panel Clean

Doing preventive maintenance measures prolongs the longevity of your solar panel, which is why conducting regular cleaning remains necessary.

Generally, Keperra solar panels are very durable and require minimal upkeep, but this doesn’t mean that it’s okay to neglect your solar power system. This article will provide you some helpful tips to ensure a thorough solar panel clean.

Helpful Cleaning Tips for Solar Panels

Some homeowners unintentionally damage their solar panels because they are not aware of the general guidelines when cleaning. Here are some helpful cleaning tips to keep in mind:

If you notice that the air is extra humid on a particular day, it is usually a good idea to clean your panels. Cleaning solar panels when they are wet or moist makes the removal of dirt buildup easier.

Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning solar panels since they may cause damages. Most of the time, a light spraying with a garden hose is enough to get rid of dirt buildup.For those who have no means of reaching their panels, using a long-handled wiper works well if you’re standing on the ground.

Getting a solar panel cleaning kit would be extra helpful. The kit contains a biodegradable soap and several cleaning tools, which are everything you need to clean your solar panels efficiently.

Never use abrasive tools for solar panel cleaning, since doing this may scratch the surface. Any cleaning tool will do great as long as it has a soft texture.

Clean more frequently to make cleaning less complicated in the future. By keeping your solar panels well-maintained, spraying a hose along them next time would likely be sufficient to keep them clean.

Solar Power System Installation

Keeping the cleaning tips mentioned throughout this article will highly reduce the chances of you unintentionally damaging your solar panels. For homeowners that still don’t have solar panels installed, you are missing out on numerous benefits.

All you need to do is reach out to us, and our Keperra solar panel installers would be on their way to help you towards a greener energy option.