McDowall Solar Power Experts for Residential and Commercial Properties

There’s no better spot for solar power than McDowall. If you want to turn those sunny days into electricity for your home, Trusted Solar can help.


McDowall Solar Power Benefits

  • Reduced Power Bills
  • Solar is Eco-Friendly
  • Easy Energy

$0 down finance loans & battery incentives available.

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Why Solar Energy is a Great Deal for McDowall

The Green Revolution

Thousands of Australians are making the big switch to solar power, and it’s plain to see why. Solar power is not only fantastic for the environment, but astronomical for your wallet as well! We’re the trusted McDowall and Brisbane solar installers.

We’re industry experts on the installation, maintenance, and benefits of a solar energy system for your home or office. We take pride in helping our customers save thousands of dollars while drastically decreasing their carbon footprint. Installing solar equipment can be tricky – positioning and quality is key. If you’re looking for McDowall solar panel installers who can get the job done right star none, look no further.

Why Solar Power?

Australians who aren’t taking advantage of solar energy are missing out! Australia’s abundant sunlight and dry climate make it the ideal environment for harvesting the power of the sun. Any excess energy you don’t use during sunny days is saved for the night time and the chance of bad weather. Solar systems are ideal for remote and off-grid housing, and are superior in terms of durability and backup power. After all is said and done, you might even qualify for a special solar rebate from the government for the installation of your new system.

Stellar Savings

We’re the specialists for McDowall solar panels. Call or email us today for a quote on how much you could save on your energy bill. We service both residential and commercial spaces, including schools, hospitals, and more. We have operations all over Queensland, and offer solar power in a number of cities.

So the next time you step out of the house and put your sunnies on, think of how that beating sun could be helping you get your sunny’s worth on your energy bill! Suddenly, those achingly hot summer days might just be bearable.