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All new solar battery program in QLD gives big savings with $0 down

Whilst you’d struggle nowadays to find many homeowners in Queensland who aren’t aware of the benefits of solar, only a select handful of us know about the immense savings that can be achieved with batteries. Once a technology seemingly destined for the few rather than the many, designed to provide resilience and backup power, batteries are now fast becoming a must have for every homeowner.

What if you don’t have frequent blackouts though, why would someone like you want to have a big expensive battery taking up space at home? Well, you wouldn’t – what you want is a great way to save. That’s possible with a new era of high-tech smart batteries available from Trusted Solar, in partnership with Social Energy and Duracell. 

You see, our batteries aren’t focussed on just giving you some backup power, they’re built to let you use more of your own solar, so you don’t have to give it back to the big energy retailers for a tiny price. Whether you’ve already got solar panels, or you’re just thinking about going solar for the first time, you can benefit more with your solar power day and night with a battery from Trusted Solar. What’s more you can get all of our solar and battery bundles or battery upgrades for existing solar panels with $0 down options. 

That means, you’re not out of pocket, and the financial savings you make with your new system can help pay for the cost – for many Trusted Solar customers the savings are more than any monthly repayment costs, so you’re not having to spend your own money to get a solar battery. 

If that all sounds great, then we’ve got even more good news for you, with tech based energy retailer Social Energy, Trusted Solar customers can also get an extra $500 guaranteed off their bill, by joining Social Energy’s new green energy plans available to homeowners in Queensland. 

All in all, you could reduce your power bills by up to 100% (and in some cases be left in credit with your energy retailer paying you). Sounds like it’s worth a few minutes of your time to find out more? So get in touch and one of our Brisbane solar installers will call you back to discuss your savings!

Here’s how it works

  1. Apply Online
    To get a free no obligation home assessment, simply fill out our form and one of our expert solar battery assessors will be in touch.
  2. Get Your Free Quote
    Our solar battery assessor will produce a personalised energy saving report for your home, to show you your $0 down options and demonstrate how you can offset the cost of a solar battery with the savings it generates and Social Energy’s $500 payment.
  3. $0 Down Order
    Confirm your system with our assessor and lock in your deal, before the current round of plan funding closes. You pay $0 up front followed by a small monthly amount, which you can offset with the savings your system generates for you.
  4. Trusted Installation
    Your installation is taken care of by our in-house Clean Energy Council accredited team of installers. That means every piece of work completed in your home is quality assured and endorsed by the leading trade body. 
  5. Start Saving
    Once your system is installed, you’ll start saving straight away, using solar power at night to power your home, and avoiding having to buy as much power from your energy retailer.
  6. Change to Social Energy to Save More
    To get paid more for any energy you don’t use, change your energy retailer to Social Energy, with their 40c/kWh feed-in tariff for the first 300kWh per quarter, with a guaranteed minimum payment of $500 back to you on eligible batteries.
  7. Long Term Support and Warranties
    Your new system is built to last, with a full 10 year product and performance warranty from Social Energy, coupled with outstanding Australian support available from Social Energy, as well as direct from Trusted Solar if you ever need us. 
  8. Big Savings For Years to Come
    With savings of up to 100% on your power bills (and even being left in credit), you can see big savings for years, meaning you’ve got the peace of mind that you don’t keep having to shell out big payments to your energy retailer every quarter. 

Taking your first step takes just 30 seconds – fill out our form now and get a call back from one of our expert team, it could save you thousands!

Answers to your questions

We’ve already been asked quite a few questions about the amazing potential of the $0 down solar battery program, hopefully the below can answer any questions you have, but if not you can contact us anytime for free advice.

Q: Do I have to already have solar?
A: No – We’re able to help homeowners who don’t have solar yet, as well as those who do. Our team are experts in solar installation, as well as batteries, so you can get an all in one service from us! Simply get in touch now and we can talk you through all of your options. 

Q: Is my existing solar compatible?
A: Yes, 99% of the time existing solar systems are fully compatible with our battery tech. You don’t need a battery ready inverter, as we use standalone AC coupled battery inverters to hook up your solar and battery system. 

Q: What batteries are available?
A: We offer a number of different sizes of batteries, to suit every home. The two brands that we offer are Duracell and SolaX. Duracell provides outstanding trusted quality, with beautiful design and great performance. The SolaX battery range offers award winning technology and a fantastic price, giving you leading savings for your money. 

Q: Do I have to use the $0 down plan?
A: Whilst many of our customers choose the $0 down option and let the savings that their system generates pay off the monthly cost of the system, you don’t have to take this offer. If you’d rather buy your solar battery system outright, you can get great deals with us! With a cash purchase, you can achieve phenomenal payback times and lock in your energy security for years to come. 

Q: How can Social Energy pay the $500
A: Social Energy are a leading energy retailer with clever battery technology that lets them connect your battery with others across the state to provide spare power you don’t need to help keep the lights on across Queensland and take excess energy off the grid when there’s too much. This clever service is highly valuable and so Social Energy pay you for taking part through a 40 cent feed-in tariff for the first 300kWh each quarter, with a guaranteed minimum payment to you of $500 on eligible battery systems.

Q: Do I have to join Social Energy as my energy retailer?
A: If you want the best savings from your solar battery system then Social Energy is the obvious choice, but you’re never obliged to join them. If you do decide to join, you can switch away at any time with no penalty or fee, as Social Energy are confident they can deliver you the best savings.

Q: How long will I save for?
A: All of our battery systems are warrantied for 10 years, but that doesn’t mean savings stop there. Much like your car warranty, your battery won’t stop working the day the warranty ends, so you can be confident that you’ll be saving for years to come. 

Q: Will my power stay on if a blackout happens?
A: We offer blackout protection with every battery system – you don’t have to choose it, but almost every Trusted Solar customer chooses it.

Q: I’ve already looked at other battery systems, what’s different about this?
A: Quite simply, most battery systems are designed to be fancy gadgets for those who want them. But with our battery bundles, that’s not the case – much like solar, our systems are built and optimised to save you money. If you thought batteries don’t make financial sense, then take five minutes out of your day to speak to our team, and we can show you the financial sense we can deliver.