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Australian Solar Power Statistics and Information

Australia’s home solar power revolution has been nothing short of phenomenal. There were just 85,000 solar systems connected to the mains grid in Australia by the end of that year – and Australia’s first solar farm was yet to be built.
Today there are more than 2.3 million rooftops with PV panels throughout the nation and gigawatts of large scale solar energy projects in place, being developed or in the pipeline.
In fact, there are now more solar panels just on the rooftops of homes in this country than there are people in Australia. Here’s how Australia’s small scale solar energy (systems less than 100kW capacity) revolution has progressed over the years. As you can see,  it shows no signs of slowing at this stage and if anything, it has regained significant momentum in recent years.
Note: due to the way the Clean Energy Regulator collects its statistics, the figure above for 2019 will continue to increase during 2020. The Regulator also reviews its statistics from time to time, so figures may vary.
Collectively, the 2,319,784 systems noted represents 10 gigawatts of electricity generation capacity! At the time of writing, around 429W of small scale PV has been installed per Australian.

So, Is Solar Worth It In Australia In 2020?

Home solar installations have continued to pick up pace in Australia in 2020 for a simple reason – it’s certainly still worth it to get panels installed on your rooftop in order to slash your electricity bills. The generous solar rebate is still available, feed in tariff incentives still apply and the cost of solar panels has continued to drop. Combined, these elements make simple payback on a system very rapid in a situation where a home has a compatible rooftop.