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Australia’s Solar Power Hotspots

When the sun rises on Australian soil, you notice its presence very quickly. With clear weather and a location just below the equator, Australia is in a prime position for solar radiation. While that can produce the famous lobster-red sunburn, it also produces a great environment for solar panels.

So where are the solar power hotspots in Australia? Our solar experts explore them below.

Following Solar Irradiance

Solar panels generate power by absorbing radiation from the sun. And the level of radiation that reaches different locations on Earth varies – some spots are much hotter than others. So, following the spots in Oz with higher levels or solar irradiance will mean more solar power gained from panels.

The solar output measurements below are from Global Solar Atlas.

High Levels in Simpson, NT

It’s no surprise that solar levels are highest in Australia’s centre. An especially hot spot is the Simpson Desert. While there aren’t many houses around to power with solar, you would get an incredible amount of power from your system.

A 6kWp residential solar system here produces an average of 11.30 MWh per year.

Soaking Up Sun in Port Augusta

Commercial solar farms don’t just spring up anywhere – they need to be in an ideal spot close to a population. And Australia’s largest solar farm (Bungala Solar Power Project) certainly is in an ideal spot. With its high levels or solar radiation, it’s able to produce around 570 GWh per year.

A 6kWp residential solar system here produces an average of 10.18 MWh per year.

Solar in Brisbane CBD

If you’re wondering how effective solar is on the east coast, there’s good news. It’s not as strong as central and western Oz, but solar irradiation here is still higher than most places around the world.

A 6kWp residential solar system here produces an average of 9.18 MWh per year.

Cool Spots in Queenstown, Tasmania

Installing solar panels in Tasmania is still a valuable investment, but because of its location, systems can’t be used to their full potential. In fact, the total photovoltaic power output is almost half of the output found in Australia’s hotspots.

A 6kWp residential solar system here produces an average of 6.24 MWh per year.

Solar panels set up in Queensland and New South Wales offer great levels of power output – maximising residential and commercial investments. If you’d like to start your own solar investment, get in touch with our Brisbane solar installers today and we’ll send you an obligation-free quote.