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Can Solar Panels Really Power a House?

With the right setup: yes, absolutely. But the average solar system installed in homes across Australia probably won’t. Don’t worry though; that doesn’t mean you’ll be spending thousands on energy bills. Our solar team discusses how much solar panels in Brisbane really power houses below.

Power from Sunrise to Sunset

Each solar panel you have installed sleeps at night just like you. They clock-in at sunrise and clock-off when the sun goes down. So they only have a set amount of hours to generate electricity. During the day, the energy your solar panels produce will either:

  • Power your home
  • Be fed into your local energy grid
  • Be stored in your solar battery.

At night, you’ll either be using solar electricity stored on your solar battery or grid electricity purchased from your energy provider (or both). If you don’t have a solar battery, solar power in Brisbane can still cover the cost of your electricity.

While they won’t technically power your house 24/7, solar panels (without a battery) can power your home during the day and feed excess electricity into your local grid. This sells the power you don’t use for discounts on the energy you buy at night. In most cases, this will drastically reduce power bills. In fact, some solar homeowners pay next to nothing every month.

Average Power Usage and Solar

On average, homes throughout Oz use between 20kWh to 50kWh a day. The amount really depends on the size of your family and lifestyle. For a younger family, a 5kW or 6.6kW may be able to power your energy needs (although output may vary between summer and winter). A larger household, on the other hand, may need up to a 13kW system.

Upgrading with Solar Batteries

If you’re looking for round-the-clock solar, you’ll need a battery to store electricity. This means that instead of exporting the bulk of electricity you produce, you simply store it to use later. With the right solar battery installed, your home could become completely (or very close to) energy independent.

Want to know what you’ll need to run your house with solar power in Brisbane? Get in touch with the Trusted Solar team for an obligation-free quote today!