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Aussie Solar Company Shakes Industry

The Aussie solar industry is going to be looking a lot different this Summer…

As innovative technology out of our own backyard is rapidly changing the way people buy solar forever!

Get to know the name now because you will be hearing about the success stories all summer long!

Powerwave is a 100% Australian-owned, independent solar brand with a culmination of over 35 years in this industry.

What’s The Rave About Powerwave?

People are going bananas about Powerwaves innovative panel design which are allowing home owners to save more money than ever before!

And even business owners are jumping up and down from their astronomical savings!

The panels reputable performance comes down to it’s monocrystalline split cell features…

Which are exceeding bench marks and expectations across all performance metrics.

What Really Makes Powerwave STAND OUT?

In an ocean of sameness in this solar industry, some products look and perform the exact same but come with a different branded sticker.

So why are Aussies still insisting on choosing Powerwave?

As already mentioned, the outstanding panel design!

The re-assurance that the panels are Australian owned!

And the security that there is an office on the Gold Coast…

That means… No waiting weeks for your panels and the opportunity to always speak to an Aussie over the phone!

So what are you waiting for?

It is officially time to start saving!

To get your Powerwave panels on your roof ASAP