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Frequently Asked Questions of a Solar Consultant

Is my solar system covered by a warranty? What does it cover? 

Every Panel is covered by a performance warranty – this can be 10-25 years for panels and 5-10 years for inverters. It depends on the brand of panel. You should ask your consultant which warranty applies when you speak with them. Typically panels should still be able to function above 80% of capacity for 25 years to be compliant. 

Will I still have power if the grid blacks out? 

In short, no. Having an “off grid” system requires a different type of inverter and battery backup system. These products are available on the market, but can be considerably more expensive. 

What does panel efficiency mean? 

Solar panels all operate at a certain efficiency rating. The main benefit of a higher efficiency system is that it takes up less space on your roof – so it’s great if you have very limited space on your roof. Panels are sold based upon their rated capacity rather than efficiency, so you could have 2 panels rated at 240w. The higher efficiency panel will be slightly smaller. 

Should I get my solar power system serviced?

Yes. These can be organized for a fee and involve a comprehensive clean and health check of the system. 

How quickly will the solar system pay for itself?

Typically we see systems pay for themselves within 3 years of installation, depending on the time of year they are installed, as summers generate the highest return due to increased hours of daylight.