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Global Solar Giant Launches New Range In Australia

When there is a new panel on the Australian market, everyone’s first thoughts are…

“Jeez, they mustn’t be that good, no ones even heard of them?

However, Trusted Solar has conducted extended research into the panels technology & production capabilities.

As well as how they rank up against some Aussie household names such as Seraphim, Powerwave and Longi’s.

This new panel that has arrived on our shores has raised many eye brows and dropped many jaws across the nation already!

…The Eging!

Commonly known as the panel responsible for the breathtaking European solar farms!

They are a Tier 1 manufacturer of high performance solar modules who provide exceptional solar panels at an extremely competitive price.

After months of intense research… Trusted Solar recommends the Eging when both quality and price are important.

If you are looking for high efficiency solar power systems without paying extra for the household name branding…

Then look no futher than the solar company who has been praised and recommended by Forbes.

Why Does Trusted Solar Recommend Eging Solar Panels To Their Members?

Trusted Solar recommends the Eging solar panels due to their dynamic split cell features which can help combat shading as well as Australia’s severe season changes!

And if those features weren’t enough…

The Eging’s advanced monocrystalline technology allows each electron that generates a flow of electricity to have more room to move, therefore performing at close to an astonishing 22% efficiency!

At first…

We thought we would see a unicorn before a panel that is almost 22% efficient at prices this low.

Oh boy… we wrong wrong!

This latest Eging technology has given back to Aussies instantly and now they are having a faster ROI than anyone predicted!

These panels are the real deal!

To find out more about the panels or how to include them in your home solar investment

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