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How solar affects your property

Are you worried about the little things that most companies don’t talk about?

The uncommon questions that should be asked… but don’t?

Let me finally answer those questions that have been on your mind!

How solar affects your property

Installing solar panels in Brisbane and the rest of Oz is a gamechanger for any property owner.

But how does the whole process affect your property?

Our solar team answers the most common questions about property changes below.


Are solar panels bad for your roof?

No. Well that’s if you choose an experienced, CEC-Accredited Designer and Installer.

Solar panels usually weigh under 20kg, but a full solar array can add considerable weight onto your roof.

However, an accredited designer will plan a solar panel layout that maximises sunlight and safely spreads the weight across your roof.

This service includes inspecting the roof, taking note of the roof’s materials, and finding the safest spot (with the best angle) for an installation.

Accredited installers will ensure the solar panels are installed properly without damaging your roof.

An experienced solar retailer like Trusted Solar will take care of everything – from tailoring solar panel designs to expertly installing systems.

Our installers are all accredited and we offer a 25-year warranty on each solar panel installation.

Beware dodgy installers: A poor installation can damage your roof and lead to long-term water damage.


Is it harder to sell a house with solar panels in Brisbane?

Not at all. The value of solar is recognised throughout Australia (and the world).

Solar panels are a handy asset, so they can increase the value of your home – making it easier to sell. Although, the value it adds will depend on the quality and age of the panels.

A recent study pointed out that the majority of Australian property buyers (and renters) would pay more if solar is installed – up to $10k more.

During the property valuation process, solar gives your home a bigger ‘environmentally friendly’ tick, and most buyers in Oz are well aware of the savings that come from having solar.

Just make sure you keep all the details of your solar panels, along with warranties and the details of your solar retailer.


Are solar panels covered by house insurance?

To ensure your panels are insured, you may need to update the sum you’re insured for.

While solar panel performance and product defects (among other things) are covered by warranties, adding your solar system to your home and contents policy can cover it for other events (e.g. storm damage).

Get in touch with your home insurance provider to find out how solar will affect your policy.

Wondering how solar panels could affect your electricity bills?

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