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How to Clean Solar Panels

For your solar power setup to work efficiently, keeping panels clean is essential. Whether you’re running your caravan fridge or your home appliances on solar, a dirty panel may generate around 5% less electricity then a clean one.

Thankfully, keeping your panels clean can be simple.

Cleaning Portable Solar Panels

If you’re a regular outdoors adventurer, you’ll likely have some sort of solar setup – either a foldable unit in your 4×4 or a mounted unit on your campervan. The problem is: the best trips are dirty. Whether it’s a dusty off-road trip or a camping spot under a big tree, your solar panels won’t be staying clean.

But all you’ll need to clean them is:

  • A hose or bucket
  • A sponge
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Clean water.

Wash off the excess grime with the hose or bucket, give the panels a light wipe with a soapy sponge, then rinse the panels again. And if you have solar panels on top of your campervan, make sure you take the necessary safety precautions before climbing the ladder up.

Cleaning Tip: Solar panels can get very hot during the day – especially in the Outback – so make sure you clean them when it’s cool in the morning or at night. 

Maintaining Rooftop Solar Panels

The solar panels on your roof are a bit easier to maintain. That’s because they’re installed at an angle that allows for rain to clean them and then drip off. This keeps your panels running efficiently for much longer.

If you do notice a reduction in power output, we don’t recommend risking a rooftop clean – unless you have a long cleaning lance and a low-pressure washer you can use from the ground. Most times, it’s better to leave it to trained professionals when you have your regular maintenance.

After every instalment done by the Trusted Solar team, we provide repair and maintenance services for your solar panels. This is the best time to have your panels cleaned, as our trained team members use the correct safety and cleaning equipment.