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Is Renewable Energy Creating Or Destroying Jobs?

A popular debate among Aussies is whether or not renewable energy is destroying jobs in Australia.

Is solar as beneficial as people say it is?

Or is it just doing more harm than good?

We can only make judgements off facts and statistics!

How many jobs have been lost in Australia due to renewable energy?

Every day we see protests raising awareness of our current global climate crisis.

We also see significant people using their social platform to spread the word of climate change.

It seems that only recently we have seen more and more people (young and old) adopt the ideologies of creating strategies to reduce Australia’s carbon footprint.

And thanks to the governments many incentives to go green… The cost of solar has plummeted to an all-time low!

With fossil fuel giants running against the wind… It has resulted in the use of coal and oils to be reduced by 18%!

It can be predicted that many jobs have been lost due to renewable energy… But is that the truth?


Who is really to blame?

Yes, it is easy to point fingers at the growth of renewable energy…

But let’s think about the reduction in labour intensity across all industries.

The implementation of advanced technology has stolen millions of jobs globally…

And the coal & oil mining industry has not been excluded.


How many jobs have been created in Australia due to renewable energy?

In this sunburnt country, it was inevitable that renewable energy was going to BOOM.

With many Aussies adopting environmentally friendly values…

As well as capitalizing on the opportunity to slash their power bills… Solar was a must!

At Trusted Solar, we have our Brisbane solar panel installers, Brisbane solar electricians, Brisbane solar specialists and Brisbane solar technicians…

We have created hundreds of jobs globally.

Our guys perform Brisbane solar panel installations every day, Which were scheduled by our huge team in the office.

Recent studies have confirmed that jobs in the renewable energy industry have rose by 9%…

And is expecting to see even more monumental growth in 2021.

With renewable energy creating over 8 million jobs globally,

The Australian governments climate change plan for Australia, to nationally become 50% renewable is being more and more feasible every day.

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