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Is Solar Worth it if You’re Not Home Much?

We all know that solar panels only generate electricity during the day. They need sunlight, after all. So is it worth having them if you spend your weekdays out at work?

The short answer: yes, absolutely.

A solar system does so much more than just power daytime television. From powering timed appliances to earning you reductions on your energy bills, our experts explain the benefits below.


Power During the Day

When your home is empty during the day, electricity is still humming through it. Appliances like your fridge and equipment like your internet modem are always wide awake. And then there are your home entertainment systems in ‘standby’ mode (which spends more power than you’d might think).

Solar power effortlessly keeps these systems running. Meaning no surprises on your power bills. But there’s more that solar can do.

Timing Your Energy Use

Most appliances these days have a handy tool a lot of us take for granted: timers. Someone with a solar system and timers on their appliances can get all their washing (dishes and clothes) and drying done during the day. Solar will also get your creepy crawly cleaning your pool when the sun’s out.


The Weekend Energy Spend

Now, we hope you don’t work away from home during the weekend too. After all, the weekend is meant for relaxing. That could mean:

  • Watching a movie with the aircon on
  • Cooking up a Sunday feast
  • Playing video games
  • Running a side business on your computer.

Whatever you end up doing on the weekend, you’ll need electricity during the day – and a lot of it. That’s when solar panels shine. Still working or playing when the sun sets? No worries. Your solar system is still there for you – regardless of whether you have a solar battery or not.


How Tariffs Help Pay for Evening Energy

There’s a common misconception that if you can’t use the electricity from your solar panels, it goes to waste. But that’s not true at all. If you’re not at home to use the electricity – while it’s generated – it gets fed back into your local power grid.

More than that, it gets ‘sold’. Your energy provider will pay you for your excess solar. They won’t pay with cash, but they will pay by reducing your power bills.

With the right Brisbane solar panels and feed-in tariff, your energy bills could go as low as $0.

Wondering how tariffs work in your state? Check out our article on How Solar Tariffs Work in Australia.