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Is Your Switchboard Solar Ready?

An important part of any solar installation is connecting the system to your home’s switchboard. But not all Aussie switchboards are ready for solar. The team at Trusted Solar Power Brisbane has come across countless switchboards that are just not up to the task. You’d be shocked to see the state some are in.

Find out if your switchboard is ready below.


The Role of a Switchboard

Located near the front of your house (usually on an outside wall), your switchboard is responsible for directing electricity throughout your home. Inside it, a row of on-off switches control your main electricity supply and other electrical circuits (e.g. lighting).


Switchboards and Solar

The switchboard will also accommodate your solar supply’s main switch – which is put in during your solar installation. But there are three main problems a switchboard can have that get in the way.

  1. There’s no space for an additional switch.
  2. The switchboard can’t handle an increase in power supply.
  3. The switchboard is old or damaged (making it a fire hazard).


How to Get Your Switchboard Solar Ready

Most homes built within the last 20 years should have a switchboard that’s compatible with solar. So you should be fine! But if it’s not compatible, you’ll need to make some upgrades first. These are the most common scenarios:

  • There is space – So a small circuit breaker can be installed.
  • There is no space – An additional housing could be installed next to the switchboard.
  • The switchboard is unsafe – If it’s too old (e.g. it’s full of fuses) or damaged, your switchboard will require a major upgrade (to comply with regulations).

Having a safe switchboard for your home – especially when you’re installing solar – is so important to keep you and your family protected. So when you choose a solar company, make sure they have decades of experience with electrical services, because they’ll be fiddling with serious circuits.

An experienced solar technician will make sure your switchboard is safe and solar ready.

Trusted Solar has been serving Australian homeowners on all types of electrical jobs for over 40 years – so we’re experts in everything electrical. Want to check if your switchboard is ready for solar? Get in touch with our experienced team today.