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It’s Victoria’s Turn To Go Solar

The Victorian Solar Homes Program has received a HUGE boost as the Victorian Government budgets $797 million to meet local Victorians surging demands for resources to produce clean and free energy.

This will result in thousands of locals saving hundreds of dollars per quarter on electricity. As well as the state gaining drastic environmental benefits.

But What Does This Mean For You?

In Victoria, this is a tremendous ecological step in the right direction as this will allow easier access to affordable clean energy resources that will provide instant energy savings to households and small businesses.

Homeowners and business owners have expressed for years that they are prepared to play a key role in the state’s transition to a clean energy future.
This program will now allow Victorians to have a faster return on their investment than ever before!

What Exactly Could You Expect?

In this MAJOR government investment you can expect:
Solar rebates to be brought forward, Bringing the total number of rebates to 65,000 for this year and 140,000 over the next two years!

This means more locals can apply for an incentive of just under $2,000 to put towards their new solar system!

But What About Solar Batteries?

Going off the grid has never been easier as the Victorian Government implements 7,500 solar battery rebates over three years…
And addition to this, is the complete removal of post eligibility requirements!
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Small Businesses Have Not Been Left Out Either!

Small businesses are also being rewarded!
It has been revealed that the Solar Home Program will allow 15,000 solar PV rebates for Victorian small businesses over the next three years!

This program is predicted to support the economic recovery of small businesses, create jobs within the solar industry and cut electricity bills in thousands of households across the state.
All of this push to ensure that no Victorians are left behind in the state’s transition to clean, free energy!
Are you ready to make the switch?

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