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Power Saving Tips for QLDers

No one enjoys receiving a high power bill. But halfway through the second month, it’s easy to forget that the TV on standby is chewing power. To help you save more on your electricity this year, our energy experts have put together a list of handy habits and tips. Discover them below.

Energy-Efficient Household Items

The level of energy-efficiency of your appliances can have a big impact on your electricity bill.  While you don’t have to hunt down every energy-wasting machine and destroy it, it’s good to know which appliances are potentially using more energy – most should have an energy-star rating to help. Then you can use them less and eventually replace them.

Energy-efficient fluorescent lightbulbs are also a good long-term energy saver.

Household Habits

Starting good habits can do wonders to your energy reduction efforts. You could:

  • Dry your clothes on the line
  • Turn off appliances at the wall
  • Start your dishwasher only when it’s full.

These simple habits can have a domino effect, encouraging even more subconscious energy-saving behaviour. This can help keep you mindful of your usage throughout the months, so when it comes time to buy a new household item, you’re more likely to check its power ratings.

Smart Cooling

We’ve all experienced the heat of a Queensland summer, but switching on the air con every time you sweat could send you back hundreds of dollars. First of all, you can keep your house cooler by:

  • Opening more windows
  • Laying out your furniture to allow for breezes
  • Blocking direct sunlight into your home.

As for your air conditioner, try keeping it set at 24°C. Any lower and its energy consumption could increase by up to 10%. It’s also advised to hold off using the AC for as long as possible. Yes, that means it’s time to dust off those fan blades. But just think of the money you can save.

Generate Your Own Power

Turn your power bill into a cheque made out to you. With a rooftop solar system, most of the power you’ll be using will be produced by you (depending on your system). So you won’t have to worry about how much your energy provider is going to charge you. And for the energy you don’t use, you can sell it.