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Solar Panel Installs Power Through Pandemic

Solar Panel Installs Power Through Pandemic

The impact of coronavirus has put a lot of things on hold. But one thing that hasn’t slowed down is solar power. Brisbane and other Aussie homes have still been taking advantage of solar and the install numbers are still rising.

Steady Market Growth

According to the Australian Energy Council’s (AEC) latest quarterly report, the whole solar PV industry in Oz has continued to have ‘healthy growth’ – even during a time of lockdowns and general uncertainty.

In fact, the amount of installs in March was almost as high as the amount of installs in December 2019. This is a huge deal considering that December 2019 holds the record for the most recorded monthly installations to date.

Small-Scale Solar Power

Australia is going strong when it comes to small-scale solar. The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) has reported that there are over 2.46 million solar PV systems that have been installed around the nation – from homes to schools. Data from the first quarter of 2020 showed 56,000 new solar panel installations, then the second quarter reported over 86,000. As restrictions continue to ease in states over the next few months – and as the summer sun comes out – that number is expected to rise even more.

Large-Scale Solar Power

The big guys aren’t slowing down either. During the second quarter of 2020, Bomen Solar Farm (NSW) and Maryborough Solar Farm (QLD) began exporting solar power to local grids. Combined, they provide an extra 134.5 MW to Aussie electricity markets. That means, as of June this year, the Aussie large-scale solar capacity is at a whopping 3.8 GW.

Why is solar growing?

While other industries have taken a big hit recently, solar hasn’t. And there are a few reasons why. Installing solar power on Brisbane homes reduces or eliminates electricity bills – providing much needed financial relief for homeowners. And with affordable payment plans for solar panel installations, Aussies don’t have to buy their system upfront if they don’t want to. This means they can start saving money on bills straight away while making repayments that are designed to be budget friendly.

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