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“Solar Panels Are Ugly”

In a ‘judge a book by its cover’ world, you would be surprised by the number of people who desperately avoid solar due to it’s so called ‘unattractive’ aesthetic features.

Despite the innovative designed technology to drastically reduce your electricity bills instantly and the potential to completely eliminate your property carbon footprint…

…We still hear “Solar panels will just look ugly on my roof”

We have listened… and Trusted Solar has acted!

Our Trusted Solar members can now compliment their roof with the brand new Jinko solar panels!

The team at Trusted Solar know that price and performance are also major factors that influence your decision on which solar system to place on your roof.

And that is why our solar specialists have chosen Jinko to be the panel for the job!

The slim panel design and the all black visual features mixed with…

The state-of-the-art split cell monocrystalline technological advancement that has left other manufacturers in the dust with the panels performance capabilities!

While having a manufacturing facility in the USA, expect nothing but quality, commercial grade Tier 1 solar products.

Live near the sea and worry about salt mist corrosion?

Let Jinko put your worries at ease with their advanced anti mist corrosion developments that are installed in every single panel!

Experts are finding it difficult to find limitations with these unbelievable panels!

This technological eye candy will make your property the most appealing on the street

While simultaneously slashing your electricity bills!

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