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Solar Panels vs Bad Weather

When it comes to location, solar panels draw the short straw. Being on the roof exposes solar panels to all kinds of bad weather – from high winds to hail. But are solar panels up to the challenge? Discover how hard they fight against bad weather below.

Solar Panels vs Storms

Not every day is full of sunny clear skies, unfortunately. And when those summer storms approach, there’s a lot bad stuff that comes down, damaging properties in different ways. So how do solar panels fare in the worst of it?

  • Rain – Even the heavy rain that rattles your roof won’t hurt your waterproof panels. In fact, rain is a necessary part of running an efficient solar system as it washes off built-up dirt and dust.
  • Clouds – Although clouds are harmless, they do reduce sunlight. On heavily overcast days, this can lower the energy output between 10%-25%.
  • Hail – When testing for durability, solar panel manufacturers simulate the impact of hail to ensure their product is strong enough to withstand it.
  • Lightning – During the installation of solar panels, the whole system is grounded. This prevents electrical surges damaging different components.

Solar panels are designed for the long haul. So manufacturers engineer them to be tough, withstanding the worst of Aussie weather.

Solar Panels vs Heat

It’s easy to imagine a hot summer’s day as the perfect environment for a solar panel. But while the sunlight is a big positive, extreme heat can have negative effects. Because of the electronic nature of solar power systems and the use of semiconductors, the effect of high temperatures can reduce energy output by up to 25% in extreme cases.

Although heat can affect the efficiency of solar panels, they can still withstand extreme temperatures while producing electricity.

Bad weather is no match for modern-day solar panels. If you’d like to find out how you can get your own solar panel system, get in touch with our friendly teamOr you can give is a call on 1300 954 993 for an obligation-free quote today.