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Solar Power Vs Fossil Fuels


Money makes the world go round…

We all know it!

Whenever we are given the chance to save or make more money, it is in our nature to chase it!

This is why millions of Aussies need to learn more about the benefits of renewable energy.


Eliminating our carbon footprint, doing our part for the environment and finding alternatives to burning fossil fuels are major factors in our local’s final decisions before converting to renewable energy!

I am sure by now that every one has heard that the continuous burning of fossil fuels has been proven by scientists to be a clear threat to the climate…

And I would not believe you if you told me that you have not heard of a local or family member in your area savings thousands from their solar power…

This is why it blows my mind that there are still millions of people that are resistant to utilising renewable energy resources…



For years, Aussies have avoided coughing up the funds to install a solar system.

Home owners and businesses have refused to pull out their wallet due to the common misconception that renewable energy costs more than fossil fuels… Even in the long run.


In their minds renewable energy is not worth it!

But I am here to be the first to tell you that the price of renewables has actually plummeted for everyone… No matter where you are in the world…

Right now renewables are as affordable as they have ever been.

Lately… Renewable Nay Sayers are even sitting up and taking notice.


How Much Has The Cost Of Renewable Energy Actually Dropped?


I had to triple check multiple resources after observing these solar energy statistics.

I could not believe it.

This feeling is similar to being around someone every day your whole life and not noticing they have grown in height.

Then someone who hasn’t seen them for 5 years comes over and instantly notices their growth.

We have been in business for over 42 years, and we have been there for all of the major milestones in Australian solar power history…

And to see that in the last decade, the cost of solar energy has dramatically dropped by 89 per cent…

This is a surprising shock!


Why Are Renewable Energy Sources Becoming So Affordable?


So, what has happened between now and then?

Due to fossil fuels prices directly correlating with the supply and demand of the finite product (oil and coal) and renewable energy being directly impacted by the availability of technology…

It was obvious that this cross over of pricing was always going to happen.

Lets quickly go through what on Earth is happening with the war between fossil fuels and renewable energy.

It’s simple, Fossil fuels are becoming more and more expensive because of their limitation factor…

There is only so much coal and oils we can rip out of the Earth before we suck it dry.

This unsustainability is sky rocketing the price of fossil fuels!

The power of the sun and wind are unlimited resources.

It is only the technology that we use to harness these sources that dictates the prices of renewable energy.

These technologies have been improving at exponential rates that you can only observe in awe.

This has resulted in solar energy becoming arguably the most affordable source of energy for home owners and businesses to purchase.


The Adoption Of Solar Power In Australia


Let’s look at Australia, which has one of the highest adoption rates of solar in the world.

This is no news anybody… Considering we are the sunburned country and we have access to more sunlight year-round than most countries.

By the end of 2018, 269,000 solar rooftop installations had been added to the grid in Australia, bringing our total up to over 2.3 million.

This figure is going up each and every year as technology improves and becomes more affordable.

So, What Does That Mean?

Well, due to solar PV and solar battery technology going leaps and bounds in technological advancements in 2020.

It can be concluded that renewables will continue to decrease in price while increasing in reliability and performance!

and many will predict that fossil fuels will slowly begin to set fire to your bank account.


Stop paying embarrassing amounts of money for burnt fossil fuels,

Go solar today!

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