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Solar-Powered Green Initiatives

Solar power provides a green solution to rising energy needs – supplying large amounts of electricity to energy grids. But solar panels are also a handy power option for eco-friendly initiatives sprouting up around the globe. From waste-clearing machines to safe sanitation, our solar experts explore some of the best solar-powered initiatives out there.


Floating Waste Catchers

It’s a sad fact that so much plastic floats out into oceans every year. But there are many organisations out there working to solve that problem. And the most popular weapons they use in this war on waste are solar-powered systems that collect floating plastics. Innovations like The Interceptor catch debris with long arms, then the trash runs up its conveyor belt and into containers – where it can be properly disposed of later.

Around 8 million tons of plastic debris floats out into oceans every year.


Safe Sanitation

Basic sanitation is something a lot of us take for granted. But many areas in the world don’t have the facilities for an effective and cheap system. Thankfully, bright minds are reinventing standard systems to find a solution. One idea is the solar toilet. Rolled out in four countries, solar toilets use power from their solar panels to safely process waste and disinfect themselves.

2.5 billion people don’t have access to improved sanitation. 70% of these people live in rural areas that are harder to access.

Beach Cleaners

Australian beaches are beautiful. So it’s a disappointing sight when there are empty bottles and cigarettes on the sand. While most of us are happy to pick up the odd bit of rubbish, there are now allies out there. Solar-powered beach-cleaning robots like Solarino are designed to rake through sand and pick up pieces of rubbish.


The Australian charity Tangaroa Blue Foundation has picked up over 14 million pieces of rubbish from our coastline since 2004.


Solar power is giving green initiatives the momentum they need to make a genuine difference. They can also make a real difference on your home’s carbon emissions. Curious about how you can live greener? Get in touch with our friendly Brisbane solar panel installers and we’ll send you an obligation-free quote today.