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Solar Rebates

With renewable energy being such a heated topic, the Australian Government is investing in a greener future. And one of their current green schemes is with STCs that help Australian homes fund the installment of their solar system – saving families thousands of dollars.

But once you decide to install solar panels, how do you get the rebates? Our solar experts at Trusted Solar take you through the process of applying for your STC assistance below.

What is the STC Rebate?
Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are certificates you can apply for in Australia to help fund your residential solar installation. If eligible, you’ll receive multiple STCs – depending on where you live in Australia and how many estimated 1,000 kWh your system will produce before 2030.

Although commonly referred to as a ‘rebate’, the STC scheme isn’t directly funded by the government. This makes it more of an incentive than a rebate. 

The value of each individual certificate also varies, depending on the market. It’s maximum value reaches $40, but usually averages a few dollars below that. So how much can you save with STCs? Well, if you install a 5 kW solar system, you could receive up to $3,000 towards your investment.

Learn more about solar rebates here.


Applying for the STC Rebate

You can organise your STCs by yourself, but this can be a lengthy and difficult process. You’ll need to:

  • Determine your system’s eligibility (e.g. under 100 kW)
  • Complete your own STC calculations and the compliance paperwork
  • Create an REC registry account (to verify your identity)
  • Create STCs in the REC Registry within 12 months of installing your solar system
  • Wait to have everything validated
  • Find a specific buyer for your STCs or put them in queue in the STC clearing house.

Going your own way with the STC scheme is possible, but it can prolong the payment process – meaning you’ll have to pay the full price of the system upfront. Thankfully, a certified solar installer can get you the savings faster.


Simpler Rebates with Trusted Solar

By choosing Trusted Solar as your solar installer, we’ll ensure you get access to and qualify for all relevant rebates. We’re dedicated to you getting the best deal and service possible, so our solar specialists take care of the whole process for you – for no extra fee.

But you’ll need to act quickly. The STC scheme is set to decrease in value every year until it completely ends in 2031.

To learn more about getting savings on your solar system, get in touch with our friendly Brisbane solar panel installers or call us on 1300 954 993 for an obligation-free quote today.