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Solar’s Rise to Stardom in QLD

We all enjoy soaking up the sun in the land of Oz – and we also love soaking up the savings from solar energy. There’s an incredible 2.2 million solar PV systems bringing green energy to homes all across the country. But it seems solar has quickly become most popular in one particular state.


Solar Panels in Queensland

Over the past decade, the Sunshine State has started taking more and more advantage of its sunny location. And it’s not just big solar farms; an estimated 35.7% of QLD households have invested in their own solar system.

That means the state alone has a whopping solar PV capacity of 4,800 MW. That’s more PV solar power than New South Wales and Victoria. It’s also more than what the entire country of Spain has. But Queensland is only the third largest state in Australia by population. So, why the trend?


Why the Trend?

There are many reasons why Queenslanders have been leading the charge in renewable energy. Here are the most important:

  • Prime location – QLD spans over a great geographic location with high levels of solar radiation – much more than our southern neighbours in NSW and Vic.
  • Remoteness – To put this into context: Japan has 120 million more people than Queensland, but you could fit 5 Japans in our state. So, yes, we are very spread out. This makes being able to supply your own electricity with solar invaluable.
  • Return on Investment – A lot of QLD homes have cottoned on to the long-term savings you can get from a solar panel installation.

If you’re part of the 60% of homeowners in Queensland without solar installed on your property – and you want to step into the new decade producing your own power – we can help. Get in touch with our friendly Brisbane solar panel installers today and we’ll send you an obligation-free quote.