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The Cost of Isolation Homeowners are Facing

The COVID-19 outbreak in Australia has made households transform across the country. Lounge rooms are offices – dining rooms are schools – and bedrooms are lecture theatres.

Aussies are adapting and everything is still running, but it’s running on your electricity.


Rising Electricity Bills

Most of us have experienced bill shock in the past, but it won’t be anything like the ones coming up in the next few months. After all, it takes a lot of electricity to run:

  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Heating systems
  • Entertainment systems
  • Cooking appliances.

The biggest concern is the frequency these items are used now. With home workspaces running at full-steam during the day (for at least 8 hours) – or TVs and entertainment systems for those who can’t work from home – daily energy usage has never been so high. And winter’s approaching too, so heaters will be working extra hard.

It’s worse for families with school- or university-aged kids. Keeping them up to date on lessons and keeping them entertained at home isn’t cheap. So, with homes full of racing electrical currents, what will that mean for electricity bills?

Nothing good. The head of energy policy at the Public Interest Advocacy Group, Craig Memery, said, ‘without better support, this winter many families face a choice between heating their homes and having enough money for food and rent.’

It’s a problem many households face. And while the federal government is providing record-breaking support (for the employed and unemployed), and state governments are trialing their own aid, the energy-bill spike is still inevitable for homes.


An Instant Solution

It might seem like homeowners need to suck it up and just cop a bigger bill, but there is a money-saving solution.  The Queensland Government is offering interest-free loans and incentives to help homeowners purchase solar panels or batteries. These are designed to get rid of the upfront cost of installation and maximise energy savings from day one.

Some of the payment options available don’t have an upfront cost – immediately reducing your monthly expenses. It might sound too good to be true, but it’s real. And you could be eligible.

To find out how much you can start saving with solar, get in touch with our friendly Brisbane solar panel installers online today!