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The Most Technologically Advanced Inverter Yet!

Every day there is always a new technological breakthrough that is supposedly going to change our lives forever!

But to be honest… It is getting a little old.

But this is totally different…

On a whole ‘nother level…

Get excited Australia…

The latest advancements in the 2020 Hypontech inverter in something to get out of bed for.

The Hypontech is driving the world forward with their scientifically developed PV string inverters…

As well as constructing renewable plans and creating smart energy management solutions!

Hypontech products have been delivered and tested in environments around the globe, in 50 more countries of 6 continents.

This Inverter has made it’s mark on the world already!

With state of the art manufacturing boosting this inverter to a whopping 98% efficiency…

You can expect very little losses from the cables to the inverter which allows your home to capitalize on all of the Suns solar energy!

The slim feature with the addition of minimal noise… seals the deal that this is the most attractive inverter in Australia.

Just when you thought this inverter could not get any better… you are given the option for the 20 year warranty!

What else could you possibly want out of an inverter?

Get your hypontech today!

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