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The Pro’s & Con’s Of Solar Power In 2020

If you’re reading this, there is some part of you considering to go solar.

You’ve probably heard all about the solar nightmares and you have probably read about the success stories of families actually making a profit every 3 months from their solar.

I am going to break down the pro’s and con’s of solar power and give you the resources to make your decision on whether solar power is really worth it!

Solar is a revolutionary energy solution for property owners of any type, but like any energy decision, choosing to go solar has various advantages and disadvantages you should keep in mind!

The Pro’s

Going Solar Can Either Drastically Reduce Or Totally Eliminate Your Electricity Bills!

This may be the top benefit for solar power, and it is quite simple…

When you install a solar system you will be able to generate your own electricity and wipe out your power bills for up to 35 years!

Going Solar Can Pay You Money On Top Of Your Already Huge Savings!

Many people still don’t believe me when I tell them this!

Your solar panels can actually give you a profit every quarter by selling your unused energy back to the grid for a certain rate!

Contact us to find out how you can receive 25 cents per/kW you sell back to the grid.

Going Solar Gives You Control Over Rising Energy Costs

Many homeowners drown in anxiety when it comes to that billing period every 3 months because,‍

there is not a damn thing you can do to control your utility electricity rate…

…Even while it continues to rise!

In addition to this, the cost of solar has decreased by more than 70% in the past decade and again there is not a damn thing you can do about this.

Going solar puts you in the drivers seat when it comes to energy generation!

While most governments are adjusting their goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions…

There has never really been a better time to start producing solar energy!

Going Solar Adds Thousands To The Value Of Your Property!

Imagine moving into a brand new property and have the feel good feeling that you wont have to pay a electricity bill…‍

Or even better… Imagine moving into a brand new home and 3 months in, you have money go back into your account from the power company!

This is what home buyers are really searching for!

In 2020, Solar power is ranking up nicely with traditional investments such as stocks and real estate.

So as you can see… Even though solar is pretty close to perfect…

I am going to be the first one to tell you that it is not…

The Con’s

Going Solar Isn’t Ideal If You Are About To Move!

Even though your solar system takes on average only 4 years to pay off,

if you are planning on moving before you get the most out of your panels…

The ROI will not be as optimal as it potentially could be!

Going Solar With A Shaded Roof May Reduce Your Production Capabilities

Everyday, we have Trusted Solar Members that have almost given up on the solar dream due to their home being covered by shade for over half of the day!

However, Trusted Solar have ways to combat this situation with industry experience and strategies!

If you are about to give up on your solar dream because of shade… Contact us and we will take the next step with you!

Going Solar Without Finding A Trusted Company!

If you want to avoid making 1000 phone calls, leaving bad reviews, telling friends and families to stay away because of your solar horror story!

You must make sure you find a CEC accredited solar retailer and installer!


What Is The Key Takeaway From This Article?

If you do your research, and find a company that you can trust and has hundreds of positive reviews,

You can expect an astonishing system installed that will:

  • Eliminate your power bills!
  • Add thousands to the value of your home!
  • Create profit for you every 3 months!
  • Live your life without ever worrying about electricity bills again!