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Top 3 Home Investments of 2021

Whether you own your dream home… A real family home.

Or you own an investment property that will one day give you MAJOR returns…

There is always an opportunity to renovate and add improvements to your property.

I am revealing the Top 3 Home Investments Of 2021 that will drastically increase value to your home.



 #3. Front Yard Makeovers

Whether it’s advancements to your driveway and mail box,


Or simply adding some colour to your garden,

Keeping your front yard looking fresh is important. You must remember,

In the case of home improvement…

A book is always judged by its cover.




#2. Boosting The Bathroom


Go as crazy as you like with this!


However, installing new fixtures and re-grouting bathroom tiles will go a long way.


Brightening up the room with some paint will also be beneficial.



Finally, coming in at #1…

The home investment of the year…


#1. A Brand New Solar System


Installing a solar system will on average save a home owner between $2,000 – $12,000 per year… For 25 years!

With an average Return On Investment of only 4 years, this is a future proof home investment.

But wait…

Are you thinking of selling your property sooner rather than later?

A solar system has the potential to add high 6 figures to the value of your property.

This is why this risk free investment has ranked number 1 for 2021.

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