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What is Australia’s Solar Capacity?

It’s not just our golden beaches that soak up the Australian sun. Over 2.2 million solar systems around the country can soak up and produce over 13,900 MW of solar power (according to the Australian PV Institute in 2019). This enormous solar capacity has placed Australia in the world’s top ten for solar capacity.

And amazingly, most of it doesn’t come from huge solar farms. Our experts explore what contributes to our solar capacity below.


Solar Farms

Dozens of solar farms across the nation contribute green power to different energy grids. Their arrays of ground-mounted solar panels span thousands of acres to collect as much sunlight as possible. The electricity they produce is vital, especially for rural communities.

In 2018, solar farms had an installed capacity of 3,272 MW.


Rooftop Solar

Utility-sized panels on solar farms are no match for Aussie rooves. Solar panels installed on residential, commercial and industrial properties accounted for 70% of Australia’s solar capacity. In fact, the International Energy Agency estimates over 20% of Aussie households have installed solar.

In 2018, rooftop solar had an installed capacity of 8,030 MW.


Off-Grid Solar

One of the great benefits of solar panels is that they work on their own. Solar farms and most rooftop solar systems are connected to local energy grids, but some systems aren’t. These solar systems – like portable panels and independent, solar-charged homes – contribute quite a bit.

In 2018, off-grid solar had an installed capacity of 284 MW.

Solar is helping Australia produce reliable green energy. And it can help you do the same. If you’re considering generating your own solar energy, get in touch with our Brisbane solar panel installers today. We can send you an obligation-free quote so you can weigh up your options.