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What is Solar Power Used For

There was a time when solar energy powered pocket calculators. While it still might, the technology has evolved to contribute so much more than answers to maths problems. Now solar has a huge impact on our lives and cities. But what exactly is powering?

Cities Across the Globe

As renewable-energy initiatives increase in more countries, solar power is a hot industry – especially in sunny places like Australia. According to the Australian Clean Energy Council’s 2019 report, 5.2% of Australia’s electrical energy production in 2018 came from solar plants – generating 11.7 TWh. This huge amount of power has added to city power grids across the country and also brought power to more remote areas that are disconnected from traditional power plants.

And it’s not just solar energy plants that are working hard. Many road signs, street lamps and public transport vehicles around the world are powered by their own personal solar power systems.

Tech in Space

It’s not easy making energy in space. In fact, it’s nearly impossible. But thankfully there’s an ancient power plant producing a ridiculous amount of energy every second. And with solar panels and clear skies for millions of miles, collecting energy is easy.

In space, solar power runs:

  • Satellites
  • Spacecraft
  • Space Stations.

The International Space Station (ISS) is fully powered by eight solar arrays – each one is 34m long and 12m wide. While those panels are safe from bird droppings, they’re not safe from space debris and small asteroids.

Millions of Homes

In 2018, over two million Aussie homes were recorded to have rooftop solar panels installed. That’s two million families heating their water, powering their TVs, and charging their electric cars – all on solar. And Australia is just a small player in the solar power league.

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