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What’s the Price of Charging a Tesla

With petrol prices soaring across Australia, being able to charge your car is sounding more and more appealing. But how much does it actually cost to fill up an electric Tesla at home? To work that out, there are a few things you’ll need to note. These are your:

  • Current energy plan’s kWh rate
  • Tesla’s useable battery capacity.

What’s Your kWh Rate?

Your kWh rate will depend on the state you live in and who your electricity provider is. According to Canstar Blue, Queensland’s average electricity usage rate is around 28 cents/kWh. This is quite low compared to other Aussie states – with South Australia’s reaching 42 cents/kWh.

Tesla Battery Capacities

Tesla’s car batteries have evolved over the years, and some models will offer different types with differing capacities. The battery used in the current Tesla Model S is the 100 kWh 350-400 V lithium-ion battery. ‘100 kWh’ means it can theoretically store 100 kWh – although only 95 kWh is useable.

Now we have enough details to crunch the numbers. The basic cost of filling up your Tesla will be the kWh rate multiplied by the battery’s kWh capacity.

Example: If you live in Queensland (with a flat 28 cents kWh rate) and own a new Tesla Model S (with a useable battery capacity of 95kWh), then it should cost you around $26.60 to charge it up.

Cheaper Charging

But calculating the price isn’t always so simple. There are other factors that can affect the overall cost of your Tesla charge. These include:

  • Fluctuating energy rates – which can rise or fall throughout the year.
  • Off-peak tariffs – offering a lower kWh rate for overnight charges.
  • Public charging stations – that can offer a faster charge with a lower price.

And if you have solar panels set up in your home, then you can seriously save on you your car charging. If you don’t have a system installed and want to discover how much it could save you, we’d be happy to help.

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