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Important Aspects of a Solar Power System

There are many special terms used by Bowen Hills solar power companies that can be confusing for a normal person. When you decide that you need a solar power system, you will have to consider many aspects of the power system before making the final selection.

Bowen Hills solar installers can help you choose the right type of system. Here are some of the aspects you must look for when you are selecting the right solar power system.

Type Of Solar Panels

There are mainly two types of solar panels available these days. One is called the mono solar panel while the other is called the poly solar panel. If you have a higher budget, you should prefer the mono solar panel because it is made up of single-crystal silicon and provides better efficiency.


The efficiency of your solar panels depends upon many things. The types of cables and equipment used can decide the efficiency of the power system. A power system with higher efficiency should be preferred.

Watt Capacity

The number of Watts a solar system produces depends upon the number of solar panels and type of the inverter used. If you want to run more electrical appliances, you will have to increase the Watt capacity of the system. A good company can audit your energy requirements and help you decide the system for you.

Light-based Performance

There are two ways the intensity of the light can affect the solar system output. If the light is low due to clouds or the winter season, the system must keep performing in a better way. Good performance even on low light is an indication of a good solar system.

Light with high intensity can heat the solar panels and decrease its capacity to convert the light energy to electrical energy.

You should select the system that can perform better in high-intensity light especially when you are living in the area where the temperature is mostly high.